Broil-Mate 1159-94

Burners and Venturi
7110696-109Orifice Hood R/b 0.109mm Lp - more$3.40 Add to cart
1518627Burner Assembly 2600 W/elec * - more$58.76 Add to cart
MCM101820228-MCM707820228Stainless Steel Burner With Venturi Tube Or Tubes - more$79.44 Add to cart
MCM202100221-MCM707820228Cast Iron Burner With Venturi Tube Or Tubes - more$84.29 Add to cart
2110440-T64Control Assy 44btu 3v Rb Lp - more$50.00 Add to cart
10440-T65Control Assy 50btu 3v Ng - more$50.00 Add to cart
3210711-E31Edge Cap Control Cover Rhs - more$6.08 Add to cart
3110711-E32Edge Cap Control Cover Lhs - more$6.08 Add to cart
Cooking Grids
938170121Grid Porcelain 1pc + - more$36.00 Add to cart
MCM666436224Grid, Ci, 15 X 12.625 - more$96.95 Add to cart
3010194-E37CControl Cover 2v Rb - more$37.95 Add to cart
5310184-e76End Cap Door Bottom Left A - more$5.85 Add to cart
5510184-E77End Cap Door Bottom Right A - more$5.85 Add to cart
5210184-e78AEnd Cap Door Top Lhs W/magnet - more$6.75 Add to cart
5410184-e79aEnd Cap Door Top Rhs W/magnet - more$8.00 Add to cart
4510184-E801Door Catch Bracket - more$2.15 Add to cart
4210958-E75 Door . - more$29.99 Add to cart
Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles
2910156-E30Heat Shield 2007 - more$5.18 Add to cart
3310184-R80Radiation Shield Raw - more$8.32 Add to cart
1018488Grate Flav R Wave Ss + - more$38.75 Add to cart
MCM989488114Heat Plate, Ss, 11.75 X 23; Bk, - more$77.55 Add to cart
7510338-390AHandle Assy 390 W/standoffs * - more$27.24 Add to cart
72S21420Push Nut 3/8 - more$0.80 Add to cart
610240-15Hinge Pin Side Shelf Drop Down - more$1.38 Add to cart
83S21014Bolt Hex Cap 1/4 20 3/4 - more$0.45 Add to cart
74S21084Screw Hex Washer Head #14x3/4 - more$1.00 Add to cart
S2108410338-390 Screw - #14x3/4 Handle . Please Email For Price - more$0.00 Email For Price
98S21124Screw Phcp #8 X 12 * - more$0.30 Add to cart
96S21125Screw 8 X 3/8 Pan Head - more$0.45 Add to cart
109S21136Screw #8 32x3/8 Phcp Type C - more$0.45 Add to cart
81Y-11545Screw #c Tapping 1/4 20x1 3/8 - more$1.05 Add to cart
Y-11545Y-12673 Screw – 1/4-20 X 1 3/8 Shelf - Lock Pin . Please Email For Price - more$0.00 Email For Price
80Y-11546Screw Phcp 1/4-20x5/8 A04#a - more$0.45 Add to cart
79Y-11561Screw Phcp 1/4 20x1.75 Tyc A04 - more$1.05 Add to cart
88Y-11598Nut Wing 1/4 20 Frg Js500 * - more$1.26 Add to cart
87Y-11793Nut Hex 1/4 20 Js500 * - more$0.45 Add to cart
70Y-11990Nut Hex Brass 3/8 27 Rb Line - more$1.38 Add to cart
98AY-12643Screw Shldr #8x1/2 Ty B A04 - more$0.30 Add to cart
82AY-12855Screw Phcp 1/4-20x3/8unc-2a * - more$0.64 Add to cart
89Y-12860Screw-thcp 1/4-20 X 1-ty-c A04 - more$1.05 Add to cart
115Y-29304Screw Phcp #10 24x3/8 - more$0.45 Add to cart
Hoses, Valves, and Regulators
10111-K47Hose Natural Gas----do Not Use On Lp Or - more$70.99 Add to cart
10696-160Orifice Hood R/b 0.160mm Ng - more$3.40 Add to cart
22MCM818001220Regulator And Hose - more$32.70 Add to cart
1710342-244Ignitor Electronic * - more$17.52 Add to cart
18S15500Ignitor Electrode Assy H B - more$8.12 Add to cart
2310472-K37Knob Gas Valve Large + - more$3.75 Add to cart
310081-BM60Nameplate Broil Mate Large - more$6.72 Add to cart
Other Parts
3510184-E401Support Casting L Blk - more$9.00 Add to cart
210473-E392Casting Top 390 - more$105.90 Add to cart
3910956-E561Brace Rear Black - more$9.38 Add to cart
4110956-E571Brace Front Black - more$10.50 Add to cart
410958-E404ALid Insert 390 W/hole * - more$35.75 Add to cart
4010958-E81Base Resin Cabinet Rev A * - more$49.75 Add to cart
134120194Casting Bottom 390 * - more$108.15 Add to cart
65S13005ABurner Tube Rear T60/t50 - more$13.50 Add to cart
123S15115Grease Pan Disposable - more$2.50 Add to cart
84S15170Axle Pltd 3/8x20 5/8 Cab - more$7.44 Add to cart
7S21233Hitch Pin Clip * - more$0.99 Add to cart
6AS21237Hinge Pin Spacer - more$2.90 Add to cart
68S21362Rear Burner Spring - more$1.50 Add to cart
4310958-E761Panel Side Black * - more$19.80 Add to cart
4410958-E901Panel Rear Black 21 3/4 New - more$18.60 Add to cart
Shelves (Side)
37A10184-E62Shelf Support Bracket Left - more$2.50 Add to cart
38A10184-E63Shelf Support Bracket Right - more$2.50 Add to cart
4710184-E691Alignment, Bracket Black - more$6.72 Add to cart
50A10184-E733Shelf Strap Resin Shelf Ba - more$7.01 Add to cart
3810184-E741Shelf Support Right Blk - more$9.20 Add to cart
3710184-E751Shelf Support Left Black - more$9.20 Add to cart
5010711-E75Shelf Resin Rhs W/ Ss Strap * - more$36.00 Add to cart
5110711-E76Shelf Resin Lhs W/ Ss Strap * - more$36.00 Add to cart
82Y-12673Shelf Lock Pin - more$0.99 Add to cart
Temperature Gauges
518013Heat Indicator Probe Lrg + - more$12.90 Add to cart
Warming Racks
1110225-E391Grid Upper Porcelain 390 A + - more$46.99 Add to cart
Wheels and Casters
3610184-E411Support Casting R Blk - more$9.00 Add to cart
7810892-15Castor 2 1/2 Wheel Knurled - more$5.22 Add to cart
5610892-7GWheel 7 Grey Wall * - more$9.32 Add to cart
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