Great Outdoors 8000

Burners and Venturi
MCM101050220-MCM767506225Stainless Steel Burner With Venturi Tube Or Tubes - more$69.30 Add to cart
MCM202050220-MCM767506225Cast Iron Burner With Venturi Tube Or Tubes - more$79.44 Add to cart
MCM767506225Venturi Spl, 1.5 X 5.5; Great Outdoors - more$18.38 Add to cart
MJHAM000603RNla Nla Venturi Screws - 8 Per Pk - more$0.00 Not Available
BOTTOM/BURNERMJHAZ001503Brass Burner - more$0.00 Not Available
Cooking Grids
MCM525102221Grid, Porc Stl Wire, 17 X 25; Great Outd - more$77.11 Add to cart
MCM666616226Grid, Ci, 17.125 X 24.875; Grill Chef - more$82.40 Add to cart
0055Cover (cloth Or Canvas).no Longer Available. Try To Match By Size. - more$0.00 Not Available
Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles
MCM909240112Rock Grate, 14.75 X 21.5; Chg, Great Out - more$24.20 Add to cart
MCM000120001Lid Handle ( Universal ) - more$17.94 Add to cart
PILLARMJHAM00010310-24x1/2 Bolt - more$11.32 Add to cart
PILLARMJHAM000203(10-24x3/8 Screw) - more$9.00 Add to cart
Hoses, Valves, and Regulators
PILLAR0088 Natural Gas Valve/hose. Replaces Al000203. Sorry This Part Is No Longer Available, With No Sub And We Have None In Stock. - more$0.00 Not Available
PILLARMJHAL000104Hose, Valve And Regulator Propane - more$0.00 Not Available
BOTTOM/BURNERMCM000340003Ignitor Wire; Lazy Man, Phoenix - more$3.39 Add to cart
MCM000380003Electrode; Lazy Man, Kalamazoo, Pgs - more$9.21 Add to cart
PILLARMCM020322003Spark Generator; Ducane - more$14.06 Add to cart
BOTTOM/BURNERMJHAN000103Collector Box - more$28.80 Add to cart
PILLARMJHAZ000603Ignitor Knob - more$0.00 Not Available
PILLARMJHAZ000703Control Knob - more$0.00 Not Available
Other Parts
AQ000102 ceramic Briquettes .no Longer Available - more$0.00 Not Available
BASEMJHAH000402Roc Base - more$88.60 Not Available
PILLARMJHAI000103Printed Control Plate - more$0.00 Not Available
MJHPX000104Grill Lid - more$0.00 Not Available
BOTTOM/BURNERMJHPX000204Bottom Grill Casting - more$0.00 Not Available
PILLARMJHPXS00305Aluminum Pillar (silver) - more$226.22 Add to cart
Warming Racks
MCM121462554Warming Rack Universa, 19 X 6.5 - more$19.65 Add to cart
Wheels and Casters
BASEMJH50002700Locking Caster Front - more$0.00 Not Available
BASEMJHAH000105Non-locking Caster - more$9.00 Not Available
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