Kenmore 141.16226

Burners and Venturi
16P02001002EBurner For Sears/kenmore - more$39.99 Add to cart
15P02203091BBurner Bracket - more$79.66 Add to cart
Cooking Grids
MCM616301223Grid, Ci, 18.75 X 23; Kenmore - more$96.95 Add to cart
6P01505002ECooking Rack/ Secondary - more$10.18 Add to cart
7P01615014CCooking Grid, Each - more$196.42 Add to cart
Grates, Heat Plates, and Angles
34P06903014BGrease Tray Heat Shield - more$8.48 Add to cart
4P00205012BLid Handle - more$39.08 Add to cart
9P00212001KCharcoal Tray Handle - more$5.08 Add to cart
NI01P06001017AHardware Pack - more$47.58 Add to cart
Hoses, Valves, and Regulators
46p03601008aRegulator 30" Length - more$38.75 Add to cart
29Y0060106Gas Valve/ Manifold Assembly - more$91.78 Add to cart
27MCM020262332Electrode; Chb, Sams - more$10.62 Add to cart
28P02615008FElectric Wire Set - more$16.14 Add to cart
31P03426073CControl Knob - more$3.67 Add to cart
Other Accessories
NI02P80135002AOwner S Manual - more$11.86 Add to cart
Other Parts
CITSGCast Iron Burner - more$30.99 Add to cart
1P00118169BLid - more$140.23 Add to cart
3P00410037CName Plate - more$7.34 Add to cart
2P00607093ATemperature Gauge - more$40.78 Add to cart
13P00721074ABowl Panel, Right - more$52.68 Add to cart
14P00725129ABowl Panel, Rear - more$43.33 Add to cart
37P00901002CCart Legs, Left - more$32.28 Add to cart
42P00902002CCart Legs, Right - more$32.28 Add to cart
8P01705004ECharcoal Tray - more$110.99 Not Available
20P01714001ECharcoal Tray Support - more$95.99 Add to cart
36P02705035BGrease Tray - more$16.13 Add to cart
41P03302005DCart Bracket, Front - more$11.03 Add to cart
19P03311002DCharcoal Tray Support Hinge, Lower - more$3.67 Add to cart
26P04001003CTank Hook - more$4.23 Add to cart
43P04002003CTank Holder - more$6.99 Add to cart
17P04101001ACharcoal Tray Support Bracket, Upper - more$29.99 Add to cart
21-1P04102001BCharcoal Tray Adjusting Arm - more$13.58 Add to cart
21P04104001ACharcoal Tray Adjusting Arm Shaft - more$10.18 Add to cart
24P04104002ACharcoal Tray Support Bracket Axis, Upper - more$7.63 Add to cart
18P04105001ACharcoal Tray Support Bracket, Lower - more$13.58 Add to cart
35P05333001GGrease Tray Bracket - more$14.43 Add to cart
12P05510004HCharcoal Tray Access Door Stop/ 2 Pieces - more$4.23 Add to cart
5P05518001IProtective Pad - more$6.78 Add to cart
47P5540BLighting Stick - more$14.99 Add to cart
32Y0410003Charcoal Tray Access Door Assembly - more$94.33 Add to cart
10P00720074ABowl Panel, Left - more$45.88 Add to cart
11P00738139ABowl Panel, Front - more$39.08 Add to cart
23P00742015BBowl Side Panel, Outside Left - more$55.23 Add to cart
25P00746015BBowl Side Panel, Outside Right - more$55.23 Add to cart
30P02907111UControl Panel - more$41.63 Add to cart
Rocks and Briquettes
22P00202003ACharcoal Tray Adjusting Arm Handle. Please Email For Price - more$0.00 Email For Price
Shelves (Side)
40P01003004DCart Bottom Shelf - more$71.38 Add to cart
33P01102005DSide Shielf, Left/ Right - more$54.38 Add to cart
Wheels and Casters
38P04513001ACaster Seat - more$4.95 Add to cart
44P05103011AWheel - more$16.13 Add to cart
39P05106001ACaster 3 Inch With Brake - more$22.08 Not Available
45P05108004AWheel Hub- Black - more$5.08 Add to cart
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